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My heart pounds when I see my clients get great results and develop beyond what they ever imagined. Witnessing this is one way I know my purpose is to help professionals and organizations rise and fly. 

- Hope LeNoir, Expert Career Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Certified Diversity Executive

Owner of Rise and Fly®, LLC


BIO:  Hope LeNoir is an award winning and internationally read author, an expert Career Consultant with results, and a well-known inspirational speaker.  She is also the owner of Rise and Fly LLC, whose purpose is to help working professionals live more fulfilling careers and advance their performance.   Hope has effectively coached hundreds of professionals about their career purpose with fresh ways to achieve personal and business success.  What makes Hope different is the variety of professional leadership roles she has acquired and influenced as well as her continued commitment to actively engage in a variety of professional industries. Some of Hope’s professional experiences include Business Process Expert, Nonprofit and Corporate Interviewer, Corporate Citizenship Professional, Brokerage Manager, Broker, Interviewer, Director of Program Management, Vendor Strategist, Assistant Professor, Advisory Board Member, Television Production Assistant, etc.


As an author, Hope has won recognition for her book, RUSH:  Embracing your purpose and all of the psychological thrillers it brings with it.  In this book, she not only gives tips on how to find your purpose, but also ways to connect your spiritual and professional purpose in an effort to capture a huge level of fulfillment and impact.  Her latest and most popular book, “Workday Catalyst”, has been nominated for the Author Academy global award.  Hope was also the Managing Editor and co-author of the book 7 Women 7 Words where each author offers encouragement by sharing their true personal journeys.  All books can be found and purchased on


Hope is the Expert Career Consultant for HIM Power Magazine and a Blog Writer for Who’s That Lady.  She was featured in the June 2018 issue the of DOZ (London) Magazine.


  • Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business - VIP Global Magazine

  • International Stevie Award for Most Innovative Woman of the Year 

  • International Stevie Award for Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year

  • 40 Under 40 Award

  • North Texas Book Festival Award (for RUSH:  Embracing your purpose and all of the psychological thrillers it brings with it)

  • North Texas Book Festival Award (for Workday Catalyst:  Proven Tips, Reminders, and Inspiration to Advance and Inspire Your Career Journey)


  • VIP Global Magazine LINK

  • VoyageDallas - LINK

  • HIM Power Magazine​ (Page 28) - LINK

  • DOZ Magazine - LINK

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  • YOUTUBE: Hope LeNoir

I am your IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL career coach who helps you recognize your combined professional + spiritual purpose then grab career fulfillment, recognition, promotion and growth. In other words, I help put the right people in the right places with the right skills.  - Hope LeNoir

RECENT SPEECH TITLES:  A Fulfilled Professional's Desire for Stronger Resilience ● Ways to Engage Employee Resource Groups ● Navigating Racial Bias in Corporate and Academic Workspaces ● Sell Yourself the Legal Way ● Finding Your Professional Purpose ● Spiritual Purpose, Professional Purpose and Profit ● Sell Yourself the Legal Way ● Grab an Employee Resource Group and Grow ● Reflections of You ● A Good Thing-Uncensored ● Professional Purpose and Spiritual Gifts:  Do They Go Together? ● Bring Your OWN Seat to the Table ● Negotiating Salary and a Pay Raise

AUDIENCE:  Majority are equally men and women between the ages of 24-45 who live in the US (Texas, New York, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, and Arizona), Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, India and the UK.  Actual client age range is 18-65+.

WHAT CLIENTS AND AUDIENCE MEMBERS SAY:  "Thank you, Hope, for your patience and commitment in helping me be stronger." -Kristi D.

"Hope is inspiring when you need it most! An amazing woman with much needed insight as a woman and business owner. I'd give her 20 stars if I could! Thanks, Hope!!!! Keep up the inspiring work..." -Kelly S.

"Hope gives you 'Hope'. She is an amazing and inspirational woman with so much wisdom to offer. She always allows you to see the brighter side of things. I just love her!" -Shanda W.

"I appreciate the direction and encouragement, especially during times I have faced opportunities and challenges.  I have enjoyed our many conversations." -James S.

"Thanks for speaking in our workshop last week. The women loved your presentation, and gave you rave reviews on their evaluations."  -Mary P.


Tel:  214-673-9065    E-mail:

Mailing Address: 835 E. Lamar Blvd. #173; Arlington, TX 76011


© 2011-2024 Rise and Fly®, LLC

RISE above the NOW and FLY to extraordinary professional heights by putting the right people in the right places with the right skills!

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