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Be among the most successful professionals in your career!  This book is a treasure chest of words that provides just what the title says - tips, reminders and inspiration to give you greater drive and more ammo on your career journey.  Reading one page of the Workday Catalyst a day before your workday is an easy, empowering and effective way to jumpstart your day without dedicating a lot of reading time to your “get-ready” time. When reading this book, prepare to be equipped to progress and fulfill the career goals designed just for you and your team.  Workday Catalyst is a right-on-time change in your day that accelerates your needed career actions so you can advance in your profession. 



What does your circle of diversity look like?


Today, take a look at all of the individuals who support you.  Are they the same?  Do they all agree with all of your choices?  Do they all give you the same ideas?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it’s time to diversify your circle.  Meet individuals with new ideas, different perspectives, and varied experiences.  Dare to be challenged...take some time to meet with them.


About Hope LeNoir


Hope LeNoir is an award winning and internationally read author, an expert Career Coach with results, and a well-known inspirational speaker.  She is also the owner of Rise and Fly LLC, whose purpose is to help professionals advance their performance and their career journey.  Her specialty is uniting career purpose with spiritual purpose.

Book Review!

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"Workday Catalyst is the book you want on your nightstand before closing your eyes, on your desk as you start your busy day, and alongside your daily devotional as a companion to your quiet time. This profound little book packs in a lifetime of wisdom in nugget-sized reminders that readers can consume every day... I NEEDED those reminders and will need them again regularly.“

-- Shelley Kemp

HR Professional for  NBA Team

Creator of Pivot Routine



Book Review!

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"Hope has done a marvelous job of creating short and insightful tips and affirmations that can help any job seeker. Searching for a job change is not a sprint and it requires a lot of expert advice to run the career marathon. In order to sustain the needed pace to endure, you need the ongoing inspiration that the author has highlighted so well in this book.“

--Kenneth “Shark” Kinney

Marketing Growth Executive

Host of “A Shark’s Perspective” Podcast


Book Review!

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“Having the ability to genuinely look at your daily activities to reflect on how much we are actually doing to promote peace and stability is rare. Ms. Lenoir created a work which prompts readers to look at areas of their lives through a lens with an intent of creating a stage for balance. The readings are thought provoking because they take us to the core of who we are as human beings. Readers should embrace the daily teachings to form a frame for growth.”

-- Dr. Stacia’ Alexander, LPC-S

Executive Director of Positive Influences


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