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Ways I engage growth-creatively

1.  ENGAGING PURPOSE AND LEADERSHIP GROWTH:  Group-style career-driven sessions for professionals who desire to move forward within or out of their current career with a focus on connecting professional and spiritual purpose.

2.  EDUCATING AND INSPIRING:  An inspirational and educational speaker for audiences seeking eye-opening, professional growth, and empowering nuggets that help put the right people in the right places with the right skills.

Need a roadmap to easily find career solutions?  Here's how you can get there:

  1. CONNECT AND TO ME on LinkedIn to share your skills and get noticed.

  2. FOLLOW ME on Instagram to watch quick, motivating "Magnificent Monday" clips.

  3. FOLLOW ME ON Pinterest to view professional attire ideas and see suggested professional reads.

  4. Purchase the book RUSH on to learn how I captured my professional purpose.

  5. Sign Up to be on the WAITLIST for the Professional + Spiritual Purpose Course.


6.  Email us to set up a Live Session with me specifically for your team, friends, or colleagues.

7.  Purchase the book Workday Catalyst on Amazon. com for daily encouragement and insights.

8.  Brag a bit - purchase Workday Catalyst paraphernalia during live events.

9.  Celebrate how far you’ve come!

10.  Share.  Share.  Share your successes and resources with others!!

NEW:  Exclusive Workday Catalyst Facebook Group.

3rd Book

Workday Catalyst is here!

Be among the most successful professionals in your career!  When reading this book, prepare to be equipped to progress and fulfill the career goals designed just for you. Get a professional tip every workday!

Book cover2.jpeg

2nd Book

7 Women 7 Words is a great place to get career and personal tips not just from me, but from six other fabulous women from across the US. Click the image to learn more...


1st BOOK

RUSH (Revised) is about Hope's journey through finding her gifted purpose which she uses both in her career and in her personal life.  She'd call it more of a thriller than a biography.  Whatever you call it, this book will certainly give you insight to finding and growing your gifted purpose, too.  It is honest.  It is personal.  It is inspirational. CLICK HERE to find out more purchase today.

Rush Cover v2.jpg

Speaking, Workshop and Coaching

One Day Group Sponsored Sessions

Prices vary

Let's have a fun, educational and inspiring small group session designed just for you and your colleagues, co-workers, community or friends.  You choose the professional topic of discussion and let me teach you and your group how to find success in your professional area of opportunity. Email now to get your group session started.

Unique Rise and Fly Events

Prices vary 

Live, via video or over the phone.  Sign up to get updates on Rise and Fly events.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Sell Yourself Worksheets Bundle

Start at $10.00

Those that couldn't attend my Sell Yourself Event wanted to know how to sell themselves too!  This Sell Yourself Worksheet Bundle offers an easy way to do just that in an effort to drive the recognition and career you've

been wanting!  Bundles are limited.  CLICK the BUY NOW button to purchase your worksheets today!

Leadership VIP Day

Prices Vary

In-person or via video.  First I'll assess how your team uses their skills then I'll offer recommendations on ways to transform your business into a culture of purpose-driven and more innovative professionals.  You'll get insight, ammo and a professional starter agenda during final session with me.  Let's put it all out on the table and tackle the urgent issue that's clogging up your talent success now.  Email Hope's team at to set up your appointment today!

Sell Yourself Folders.jpg


Hope's "Balance" column on DiAnne Malone's Who's That Lady blog site helps readers gain perspective on the current, but personal, professional issues of the workforce.  "I Too Use the F-Word.  Freely.  At Work" was a blog felt by many.  ‘The Audacity” story helped readers become aware of self-accountability.  “Do I Really Have to Talk to Him?” reminded readers to grab courage, take action and go to the source to find growth. FREE.  CLICK HERE.

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FREE READS:  Career Advice in Magazines

Hope's "Career Expert" column in the HIM Power Magazine will always give you solid career navigation tools every month.

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