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Workday Catalyst
is here! 

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Workday Catalyst, is here!

Be among the most successful professionals in your career!  When reading this book, prepare to be equipped to progress and fulfill the career goals designed just for you.  Workday Catalyst is a right-on-time change in your day that accelerates your needed career actions so you can advance in your profession.  

This book gives you a tip and words of encouragement before every workday!

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Discover the RUSH when finding your purpose in life AND your CAREER!


Why did I write this book in the first place?  I'm glad you asked.  I wrote this book because so many professionals are simply unhappy in their career because they don't operate in their gifted purpose and basic strengths. 


This book is just for you!  First, thank you for helping me choose the cover of my new book!  Now, let me remind you what this book is all about.


1.  Finally having an easy, but VERY different way, you can find your purpose 

2.  My unique stories about my gift, how I found it, how I use it and how I grow it

3.  Inspiring, educating and entertaining approach to discovery that you can relate to regarding your professional and spiritual purpose.


Check out an excerpt below.

As a grade-school child, I thought it evil to have such a “gift”.   I believed nothing good ever came of it.  As a child, the context of what was given to me was never explained or revealed.  I considered this gift intense punishment placed upon me, even though I did nothing wrong.  This gifted purpose did not seem like a gift at all, just an abnormally suffocating evil, too shameful to tell and too psychotic to want to explain. 


In less than 24 hours, people from all over the world, including the U.S., Germany, India, Canada, the United Kingdom and Spain, downloaded the book!  I hope you enjoy your gift!  My book is available for purchase on and  I have to say, it is a MUST read, so order your copy today by CLICKING HERE.

Hope slips career tips and inspiration in EVERY book!

Check out the book Hope co-authored

"With only a word count as direction, 7 women wrote personal essays on a group of words: HER, SHOES, IMAGE, ANGER, HIM, HELP, SEXY. Each word represents a colorful thread, each essay an intricate fabric. A beautiful quilt unfolds, depicting episodes from each author’s life. The collection covers how women of faith maneuver through life’s heartbreaks and hilarities on a road leading towards truth and grace. They hope you enjoy the journey and find yourself reflected in their distinct voices. This sisterhood of writers is a tenderly designed tapestry. You are invited to be blanketed in the brave vulnerability they display. Brew some tea, grab your tissues, and prepare to cry, laugh, and bond with women you’ll want to meet for a long lunch or an afternoon at your local coffee shop. Allow the quilt of many colors, textures, and patterns to envelop you in its warmth and dazzle you with its singular beauty. It happened to them. It will happen with you."


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